Sinomery Research Cener

Sinomery Research Center conducts businesses on archives, libraries, and museums. We provide consulting and researching services to individuals and institutes for miscellaneous reasons. Our research team consists of professional historians and scholars who are capable of uncovering secret knowledge from multilingual sources. Whether you are having personal interests in specific subjects and conducting projects, or strategizing a business across cultural boundaries, Sinomery is your best choice to solicit assistance and suggestions.


What We Do


Genealogical Tracking


Story Consulting


Archive Help


Translation Service

01 Genealogical Tracking

For clients who are interested in tracking their family genealogies. Sinomery helps you locate the archives and curate the information. 

02 Story Consulting

We provide research service to individual writers and artists who are looking for inspiration from a past story, document, or case. 

03 Archive Investigation

For organizations and institutes that need archival research for project design and other purposes, were help you analyze and curate endless archival documents and find the specific sources that cater to your needs. 

04 Translation Service

We offer unique translation help to customers who are in need of deciphering classical and modern Chinese literature, genealogical documents, and other professional sources.