Sinomery Lectures

Sinomery Seminar is a professional educational center that translates much needed knowledge and wisdom into popular and easily comprehensible forms. We offer fascinating series of seminars on tea, alcohol, food, material culture, aesthetics, and the modern cultural industry to enrich our daily life and facilitate B2C communications.

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The world of alcoholic drinks is particularly diverse. Western customers may be familiar with wine, whisky, vodka, or rum, but not so much about Asian beverages such as sake, makgeolli, soju, shaojiu, yellow wine or arak, many of which you should not miss if you are a lover of alcoholic drinks. This seminar series will guide you through the drinking cultures of the exotic world and equip you with necessary knowledge to identify and choose the best imported drinks that suit your drinking preferences. 


Wines from Niagara

Living in Ontario, you must have tried some local wines produced from Niagara. But how to choose the best wines that fit your drinking appetites and needs? What are the varieties produced in this land? How to identify a decent bottle of ice wine, which is a signature product of the province? And how Niagara wines fit into our daily gifting culture? This series of seminars will introduce you the wine culture and history of Ontario by addressing these questions. We will also offer our customers lucrative package to visit and experience the top wineries in the country. 



The world of tea is no less diverse than that of alcohol. In East Asia, there are many wonderful tea drinks besides traditional favorites such as green and black teas. This well designed seminar intends to introduce the myriad varieties of Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese teas (both traditional and popular) to our clients, and also the appropriate ways and etiquette of making and serving tea by excavating ancient literati recipes. We will bring the recorded recipes into life and revise them to fit our modern appetites. Join us to gain the opportunity of trying these remarkable drinks. 


Royal Cuisine of Ancient China

Curious about what foods and drinks ancient Chinese emperors consumed? Join our signature seminar about ancient Chinese royal cuisine that has undergone a remarkable revival in China's culinary capital--Beijing over the past twenty years. Explore with us together the extravagant dining style and table of the supreme ruler of the world's most populous civilization, and have the precious opportunity to taste some of the legendary delicacies from the walled palace. This is the only place in Toronto where you will gain such experiences.