Sinomery Club

Sinomery Club is our entertainment hub that manufactures and materializes cultural ideas. We offer our customers remarkably entertaining experiences. Our alluring packages include special cultural events, dining, performances, games, and many other accessory products, which you would not find anywhere else.


Public Events


Festive Dates Creative Package

Based on our profound knowledge and expertise in archival documents of traditional societies, we bring cultural features, practices, and spectacles of the ancients back to the present and provide our customers authentic experience of uniquely wonderful events on key festive dates, such as the lunar new year, dragon boat festival, and the moon-cake festival. Consult us and become our exalted members to enjoy these 


Private Events


Memorable Gatherings

Be it a private party, a birthday celebration, a special meeting with your clients, or wedding, our team will help you design a special event that caters to your needs and tastes. We have strong expertise in vintage, Oriental, and authentic cultural styles. We duplicate the elegant and luxurious life of literati men for you at affordable prices. You will enjoy endless fun and pleasure by taking our exclusive and lucrative packages. 


Memory Casket


We cherish the happy moments in our transient life, and work our best to help our exalted customers to create and preserve memorable moments. As historians, photographers, and designers, we have endless passion to listen to your stories, share your sentiments, and curate your memories. At Sinomery, you will be able to establish your personal archive that will stay with you for the whole life. We will also provide you an exclusive package of gifts once you become our VIP clients. The memory casket is our most special service, and can be aligned with all other services. Consult us to learn more!