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Sinomery Events


Festive Events

On multiple festive days, Sinomery and our partners would host special events to get you entertained! We offer creative acticities and exclusive packages combining Asian cultures and modern Canadian life. Explore them by following our social media!


Socializing Events

Sinomery endeavors to facilitate social gatherings and interactions in our communities. We host socializing events on regular basis, including:

  1. Speed Dating

  2. Wine Tasting

  3. Arts and Crafts 

  4. Networking

  5. Club Saloon

We impress you with amazing things to do and enjoy, such as ingenious games designed by our creative team. 


Professional Events

Sinomery also hosts workshops, roundtables, and mini-conferences to facilitate your connections with professionals in multiple disciplines for anyone who's interested in:

  1. Job application and career pathway

  2. Grad school

  3. Networking opportunities

  4. Academic research

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