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Our Services

Since opening, Sinomery has been pleased to serve an international clientele from all over East Asia, Europe, and Canada. Our projects extend to restaurant, wine, and research industries. 



Branding the Royal Cuisine of China

Bai's Garden is a top restaurant in Beijing that serves high-end royal cuisine of the Qing dynasty to modern gastronomes. Between 2019 and 2020, Sinomery helped Bai's to promote its new snack brand 御味知 through our one-stop package of archival research and copywriting.


Tracking Family History

Mr. L is from a Chinese-Vietnamese immigrant family. He wanted to trace his family history and search out a meaningful name for his new-born baby. In 2020, he sought help from Sinomery with this touching story and a genealogy of his mother's clan written in both modern and classical Chinese that he wanted us to translate. With limited information about his homeland based on his father's sporadic memory, we successfully helped him to find out the location of his home village and the lost genealogy of his father's clan, as well as the two Chinese characters he wanted to name his baby. 

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Screenshot 2022-05-20 161258.png


Building Family Tree

Mrs. Lee is a university professor of social science in California, who has been conducting a research project about her family genealogy. While receiving documents from her relatives in Taiwan, she was not able to decipher the information and draw a complete picture of her ancestry. In 2021, she sought help from Sinomery. We helped her research team to create the family tree that covers thousands of recorded names in the genealogy for 70 generations! We also helped her to translate a significant part of her genealogy and research materials. 


Archive for Worldly Famous Distillery

One of our ongoing consulting projects is to help a worldly renowned French distillery to trace its beginning in Far Eastern market, especially China in the 19th and 20th early 20th centuries. 

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