Turning a Vision into Reality

Mr. Jackson Yue Bin Guo graduates from Canada's most prestigious institute University of Toronto as a young historian of Asian foodways and China historian. His expertise is in ancient Chinese culinary culture, especially drinking practices and aesthetics. For many years, he has delved into the archives in China and Taiwan, and investigated numerous interesting recipes, stories, and valuable documents. He believes that history is not something riveted in the deep past, but can be alive in today's fast changing society. He also appreciates his curating and archiving skills as a historian. Hene, he creates Sinomery to introduce the wonderful world he has discovered to the public and creatively merges it to our life. 

Jackson Yue Bin Guo

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Our Partner Miss Wing Cheung

CEO & Founder of Realm International

Miss Wing Cheung started in the Canadian telecommunications industry and developed from sales consultant to district manager. She has achieved numerous team sales record and build teams for regular and ad hoc projects, including ethnic market and strategic marketing solutions. Later on, she is known in the media industry for managing integrated media ventures and liaison, with scale and new media project management for both East Asian and mainstream market. Some of you may also know Wing as a signed radio personality of AM1540, hosting prime time program and segments, and it's always her passion to deliver excellency in communication. 


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